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Development history

In 2005, Desheng Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. was established and began to constructed.

In 2009, the main processes, such as blast furnace, steel making and hot rolling, were completed and put into trial production.

In 2010, Desheng Nickel signed a restructuring agreement with Baosteel Group.

In 2011, Baosteel Desheng officially unveiled

In 2012, 4# submerged arc furnace was put into operation. 

In 2013, 3#, 2#, 1# submerged arc furnaces was put into operation.

In 2014, BN1TP (tubing products) and BD11 (medium nickel product) were developed successfully.

In 2015, DRAP unit of cold-rolling plant was tested in hot load.

In 2016, 400 series ferrite products and low carbon austenitic products were successfully developed.

In 2017,the company’s output value exceeds ten billion yuan.

In 2018, HRAPL unit of cold rolling mill successfully rolled the first roll of black rolls.

5.7 million-ton industrial planning of Baosteel Desheng passed the review of the Board of Directors of China Baowu.

Quality Stainless Steel Green Industry Base of Baosteel Desheng was under construction.

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