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Baosteel Desheng Stainless SteelCo., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Baosteel Desheng") wasformerly Fujian Desheng Nickel Industry Co., Ltd.settledin Jingang Industrial Zone in 2005.In March2011, the former Baosteel Group invested and held the company.Under the trusteeship in BaosteelStainless Steel Co., Ltd.,it was directly managed byBaosteel in October 2017. As an honest employing enterprise in Fuzhou,it ranked among the top 50enterprises in Fujian for two consecutive yearsin 2012 and 2013,rated as Fuzhou municipal enterprise technology center in2013, civilized unit of Fuzhou municipal government and "Advanced Worker'sHome" of Fuzhou Federation of Trade Unions In 2015,Fuzhou IntellectualProperty Demonstration Enterprise in 2016,Fuzhou Credit Employing Enterpriseand Fujian Science and Technology Enterprise in 2017, and 2015-2017 municipalcivilized unit in Fuzhou in 2018.

 Located at Jingang Industrial Zone, LuoyuanBay Development Zone, Luoyuan Bay of Fuzhou City near the mountains and besidethe water,the company faces south, is 6 kmfrom Huaneng Wharf in Luoyuan Bay in the east and 13 km from Luoyuan County inthe west, with coastal new town near Luoyuan Bay in the south.It covers an area of more than3270 mu, which is reclaimed from the beach. With a registered capital of RMB4,253 million yuan and more than 2,000 employees,thecompany is mainly engaged in the production of nickel alloys and stainlesssteel materials,integrates a complete stainlesssteel production process,such as sintering, ironmaking,steelmaking, hot rolling, solid solution, cold rolling.Atpresent, it has formed an annual production capacity of more than 1.2 milliontons of hot-rolled stainless steel and 400,000 tons of cold-rolled stainlesssteel.

With the support of the headquarters of China Baowu,Baosteel Desheng closely focuses on the overall strategic layout of "OneIndustry and Five Diversifications" of China Baowu.Taking vigorously supporting the development of LuoyuanBay iron and steel industry in Fujian Province as an opportunity,Baosteel Desheng prepared a plan for the green stainlesssteel industrial base with an annual output of 5.7 million tons.The plan was approved by the board of directors of ChinaBaowu on October 28, 2018, and construction started on November 28, 2018.Baosteel Desheng combines the planning plan,practices the concepts of green, quality, cost, and smartmanufacturing.Whilesolving the current bottleneck problem in Desheng's production effectively through bridge,it is committed to becoming the world's first-classstainless steel quality intelligent manufacturing service provider.

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